The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Blinds for your Home

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Choosing the right blinds for your home can have a huge impact on the overall appearance and feel of the space, as well as how you and your family interact with it.

It’s important to look at all different options before making your final decision as there are many different types of blinds available on the market.

You need to consider the style of home that you live in and the features of the rooms or spaces where you want to install blinds – you may have very specific tastes or visions of how you want the design of the blinds to be, whether it’s traditional, modern, minimalist or simply comfortable.

Being aware of the wide variety of shutters and blinds that are available to you will help you to find the right ones for your needs and ensure you’re happy with the finished result for years to come.

Bob Burns Blinds: How we can help

Based in Adelaide, we have been making blinds, awnings and security products for over five decades. We work with both home and business owners in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.

Bob Burns Blinds prides itself in offering high quality products, excellent customer service and extensive experience in recommending, installing and maintaining blinds, shutters and security doors.

In addition to all this, we also have a free measure and quote service available to all suburbs where a highly qualified sales consultant will bring an extensive range of samples to allow you to browse through possible options whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Bob Burns Blinds extensive range of window coverings are custom made to suit all sizes and specific requirements and we offer both interior and exterior blinds. Whatever size, colour or style you’ve got in mind, we can work with you to create something suitable.

Our Wood

We are extremely proud of the quality of our products, and the ethos of our company is to consider all aspects of the process that goes into creating them. It is extremely important to us that our wood is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable- all of the timber used in our products originates from sustainable forestry and renewable conservation.

In many cases, we are able to offer our customers the additional option of using certified timber, approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, when requesting our services for specialised work. FSC approval means that the timber has been milled and manufactured in an environmentally sound manner – our sales consultants can offer more information regarding this so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Interior Blinds: What are the options?

There are numerous options available to anyone wanting to install blinds in their homes. Our highly qualified consultants always advise making a list of your specific needs, carefully considering the space within which the blinds will sit. This list should include points such as :

  • Family – whether you have young children and need something child friendly
  • Style – which style you prefer and general appearance of your home
  • Climate – whether your windows are exposed to extreme sunlight
  • Functionality – whether you want the blinds to be functional or simply attractive
  • Privacy – where your windows are located and whether you want visibility blocked
  • Light control – is it a room you wish to have dark for sleeping or for a theatre room. It could be a already dark room you wish to have the light filter into.

Once you’ve considered these points, you may want to go ahead with one of the options below

Cellular Blinds


Cellular blinds are a type of energy saving window furnishing with insulating properties, designed to control temperature without compromising style.

The cellular blind is a modern window furnishing and manages to be both fashionable and energy efficient, blending functionality and elegance.

Easy to operate, either by a side cord or spring, cellular blinds are available in a range of colours and patterns. They are also available in light filtering and blockout materials, with either single or double cell honey comb layers – this makes them an excellent choice when insulating your home.

Cellular blinds can work with all different sizes and shapes of windows and can have the top down and bottom up, standard cord control, spring operated or cord lock, and day/night applications.

Motorised blinds


For the ultimate in convenience, and for those lazy days or mornings when you’re pushed for time, why not consider motorization of your roller blinds?

With just the touch of a button, you can either synchronise your blinds to open and close, or operate individual blinds separately. There is also a solar option available.

Panel Glides


Do you have sliding doors or windows in your home?

Or perhaps you’re looking to break up a room to create separate living spaces but don’t want to use traditional room dividers?

Panel glides are an excellent and versatile option for your windows and doors, also acting brilliantly as room dividers for those tricky spaces in your home. With panel glides, you can achieve maximum privacy with block out fabrics or simply experiment with light control by opting for a translucent material.

Generally best suited to larger panels, panel glides can be an excellent feature and give any room a sophisticated finish whichever style you opt for.

Plantation Shutters


In recent years, plantation shutters have become an increasingly popular option for homes across South Australia and indeed internationally. They are an excellent option that can suit classic, modern or traditional home designs.

Bob Burns Blinds offers plantation shutters that are made from premium poplar, a low density and light coloured hardwood timber. All our plantation shutters have a fine texture and the lack of tint allows for the ultimate flawless finish. Plantation shutters are also available with a rich timber stain for those wanting to add a further touch of class.

What are the different types of plantation shutters?

Bob Burns Blinds offers many different types of plantation shutters and we can alter the shape to suit your window in 10 standard stain finishes available, or custom stains available on request. Just show us the space and tell us what you want – we’ll do our best to complement it in the best way possible.

Our Plantation shutter have a high quality 2 pack Polyurethane paint finish that comes in many colours and has a 15yr warranty. Our maximum width per panel is 1050mm which give our Shutters a better coverage than most.

With finger joints reverse grain technology our blades are much straighter than other Basswood brands. Bob Burns Blinds plantation shutters have a choice of frames and stiles and are constructed by embedding the top and bottom rail into the stile for extra strength.

Apart from the timber Shutters we also offer:

  • PVC shutters: these are the perfect solution for areas of your home that may be unsuitable for timber shutters. Bathrooms and utility areas may benefit from PVC shutters instead. In addition, if you have a young family you may want something that is easy to wipe clean on a regular basis.
  • Aluminum Shutters for the outside make and ideal solution for inclosing your outdoor area. Either static fix or bi fold they can be great for letting the air flow in or keep it out. There is a large range of powder coated colours to choose from.

Roller Blinds


Roller blinds give you the very best in flexibility when considering the decorative style of your space. You can opt for any number of trims, fabrics, patterns and designs according the overall interior design of your home.

Roller blinds are a cost effective option, yet still look smart and provide privacy to you when indoors.

As well as providing privacy to you and your family, roller blinds help to regulate the temperate in your home – ensuring that it stays warm in Winter and keeps cool in Summer.

An energy efficient option, roller blinds can cut heating bills in the colder months and prevent intense sunlight in the heat of the summer from fading interior furnishings.

How do you want to operate your roller blinds?

  • Side control: this is the standard operation and suits areas that are harder to reach.
  • Spring operated roller blinds: the traditional mode of operating roller blinds.
  • Motorisation is available and can be used with your Cbus system and solar is now available.

Bob Burns Blinds are confident that our roller blinds will last you for many years however we always endeavor to assist with maintenance and repair wherever possible so always feel free to revisit us with any help you may need.

Solar Rollers

Similar to standard motorized roller blinds in their mechanisms and function, solar rollers use a solar panel that sits on the window as their power source for the motor.

With the solar panel, you won’t need to have chains to control the roller blind therefore it’s simple to use, looks great and is an excellent option if you’re priority is child friendly. Solar rollers can be operated by a remote control, yet they’re still 100% environmentally friendly!

Sunscreen Roller Blinds


Do you need privacy during the day but have large windows with views that you don’t necessarily want to block out? Striking a balance between seeing out and avoiding others seeing in can be difficult.

Luckily, sunscreen roller blinds are ideal for this and are available in sunscreen fabrics made with either a fibreglass or PVC coated polyester mesh. These are a great option for properties in South Australia used to battling the harsh glare and intense sunlight – they reduce UV radiation by up to 95% and come in varying degrees of openness for you to choose from.

When choosing your Sunscreen colour think about what you are looking for the blind to achieve as the darker colours absorb the light and are easier to see through and the lighter colours reflect the light so are more opaque.

Vertical Drapes


If you’ve got sliding or sloping doors, or angled windows and want to go for a stylish twist, why not try vertical drapes? They operated like a blind yet have the appearance of a drape and you can add smart looking pelmets to customise to your taste.

Vertical drapes are easy to operate (with a standard wand control for added safety) and they’re available with or without chains. Measurements for the blades vary from 63mm to 127mm and there’s a diverse range of fabrics, colours and styles to choose from.

Venetian Blinds


Traditionally, when thinking of blinds in the home, many people envisage a venetian blind – known for it’s elegant appearance and functionality. Bob Burns Blinds has been involved with venetian blinds for decades and has seen the materials and technologies of them adapting to suit modern day homes.

Our Slimline (25mm) Venetian and Micro Venetian (16mm) are made of .175 mm thick high tensile aluminium meaning that they are not only attractive and sophisticated but also functional and durable. You are able to control the amount of direct sunlight entering your room with the Slimline Venetian, allowing you to adapt this throughout the day as required. Our client’s love the minimal stack height of our Venetian blinds when they’re raised meaning that they have a compact finish that will blend into any room.

Timber and Synthetic venetians are very sophisticated and give your home the versatility of controlling the light.

Synthetic timbers come in colours as well as timber look finishes. They also come in 50mm or 65mm slats which give good coverage when closed.

Vision Blinds


Sometimes you need a blind that is both functional and looks great. Vision blinds offer three blinds in one.

A sheer fabric with bold horizontal stripes that move from transparency to dim out.

They can be adjusted to provide either privacy or transparency, or completely retracted when you want a clear view of the outside.

The lighting control with Vision blinds is exceptional and the range comes with a selection of fabrics and colours to suit any space.

Exterior Blinds


With the warm climate of South Australia, many people spend as much time outside as the do inside the home during certain times of the year.

Make sure your home looks as smart and presentable on the exterior as it does on the interior with our extensive range of exterior blinds.

Whatever the size of your outdoor space, or the climate in your local area, we’ll be able to assist in advising on the best options for you.

Auto Guide Awnings


One of the most popular types of exterior blinds are auto guide awnings, generally seen on windows – offering shade from the sun and a degree of privacy.

In previous decades, auto guide awnings have tended to be standardised in their appearance and generally only available in stripes.

However in recent years, there’s been an increase in the range of colours available for outside awnings meaning that their appearance has become far more contemporary and sophisticated.

You could opt for the traditional cotton/polyester canvas with green backing, or consider the new acrylic weaves that show colour on both sides. Auto guide awnings are also available in a range of sunscreen fabrics so you can protect your home and your family from the heat and glare of the sun without obscuring your views.

Zipscreen Blinds


Australian life is known, and envied, internationally for its focus on outdoor living with barbecues, verandahs, pool areas and pergolas all being the focus for family gatherings and meals with friends.

For the ultimate protection and privacy when entertaining outdoors, home owners can opt for the zipscreen system which shelters them from sun, wind, rain and insects in both Summer and Winter seasons.

With hidden interlocking parts, the Zipscreen System has self-aligning side channels and each one is custom-made to give you the perfect fit.

The zip system is inside the side cannels and not visible. Residential and commercial properties can both benefit from the zipscreen system which is strong, durable and comes with enclosed box covers and controls to suit your requirements.

Zip Trak Blinds

Fuss free a priority?

If you’re looking for a quick, simple solution to adding privacy and protection for your outdoor living area, Ziptrak blinds could be just the thing for you.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of fabrics, clear or tinted PVC and you can rest assured that your aluminum tracks will be powder coated to your choice.

Keep your entertaining on track all year round by installing zip trak blinds, adding value to your home and increasing comfort quickly and easily.

Executive Screens


Bob Burns Blinds is proud to be able to offer clients one of the largest motorised screens available on the market right now.

The Executive Screen can cover openings with widths of up to 8metres and heights of up to 5 metres – all in one single screen. These screens are ideal for covering oversized openings including:

  • Covered patios
  • Telescoping walls
  • Large picture windows
  • Roman archways

The Executive Screen allows for a wide choice of mesh for different requirements including solar shading, insect control or simply for extra privacy. It can also help to reduce energy usage by keeping your home warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Executive screens can be integrated into new construction projects and can be easily mounted on both the interior and exterior of buildings.

Once installed, the oversized screens can be fully automated with programmable control options meaning that you can achieve instant solar protection whenever you need. They come standard with motorisation.

Cafe Blinds


South Australian summers can be great for spending most of the day outside. Your lifestyle changes with an increasing number of meals and quality time with your family spent enjoying the warm temperatures and fresh air.

Why not opt for a blind that provides a way for you to enclose an outdoor space, essentially creating a whole new functional room? Café blinds are available in either clear or tinted PVC and shade view fabrics. You can roll them up manually or add discreet zips to finish.

Roman Blinds


There’s an exciting new feature to our roman blinds which have long been a popular choice amongst clients wanting something contemporary and sophisticated for their homes or workplace. Our Roman Blinds are now manufactured with our patented technology, which incorporates a speed-reduction unit to control the descent of the blind.

You’ll have a variety of options when choosing your roman blinds; from fabrics that are light filtering, sunscreen or block out, to those operated by chain, cord or cord lock.

Exterior Motorised Blinds

If you have Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Wire Guides currently installed in your home, did you know that these can be motorised? It’s an instant way to add value to your home and opening will be made even more slick and easy with the simple motorization.

Fixed and Folding Arm Awnings


Also known as Dutch awnings, Fixed awnings are a fixed canopy generally found over a door or window. Their function is to provide shade and to stop the sun from shining it and damaging furniture or a carport. Fixed warnings are available in canvas or acrylic.

Folding Arm Awnings are generally useful for outdoor areas of any size. They can fit any size of patio area and have multiple uses – providing protection from the elements, shade from the sun and blending with a range of home design.

Folding arm awnings are reactive – they can have a tilt mechanism which allows you to shade your area whenever you require, and a wind sensor that self retracts – meaning less work for you.

You can opt to either manually control your folding arm awnings or motorise them with a 240 volt system. Generally, folding arm awnings operate best in moderate conditions so it’s best to place them out of spots exposed to extreme wind or rain.

Phantom Screens


For those with an eye for interior design, architecture and the ultimate in style, phantom screens offer an excellent option for retractable doors, windows, fly screen and pleated or motorized screens.

Their functionality is second to none, yet you won’t notice them and they won’t interrupt the overall appearance of your home.

Verandah Awnings


If you’re looking for an effective solution to amp up your outdoor areas, yet are on a moderate budget, you may find the automatic verandah awning an excellent option. If you’re by the sea you can opt for stainless steel parts for extra protection and all hoods are available in powder coated colours.

Choosing between which methods of operation best suits your needs, you’ll opt between manual operation on a spring, crank handle or cord and pulley. You can also add extra stopping heights in order to maximise the function of your verandah automatic awning.

Wire Guide Awnings

Operated on a stainless wire, wire guide awnings can be fitted with a standard or enclosed powder coated hood.

They give a clean and modern look to exterior windows and are available in both crank or motorised operations. Wire guide awnings, available in both canvas and shade view fabrics, work well on multi story buildings and offer excellent protection and shade from the sun.

Security Screens


If you live in a remote area, a quiet street or perhaps you’re simply going away on holiday and want your home to be as safe as possible, you may want to consider installing security screens on the exterior of your home. When you consider that the majority of burglaries in South Australia occur through unlocked windows and doors, you can see the appeal of investing a little now to avoid financial loss and emotional stress long term.

You can opt for the shape, colour and style of security screen that will best suit your home and they needn’t look unattractive or unwelcoming. Always consider fitting and installing window locks in addition to these screens to ensure that your home has the utmost protection and security.

Roller shutters


Providing security against burglars and vandalism, whilst also protecting against extreme weather such as high winds and heavy rain, roller shutters really do ensure your home is kept as safe as possible.

Style wise, roller shutters are made from aluminium and come in a range of colours therefore can be made to blend in with the style of your home – in addition to keeping you safe and potentially insulating your home better in the colder months.

You can choose to operate your roller shutters from inside your home, either manually or on a fully automated basis. This can be either 240v or battery or solar operated motors. Many people who choose to install roller shutters also experience a dramatic reduction in noise and light levels that filter into the home from outside resulting in a quieter home and deeper sleeps!

Security Doors

Once again, you can’t avoid the fact that burglaries and home invasions primarily occur through windows and doors. Fitted security doors are therefore an excellent investment to keep you and your family safe against any unwanted intruders.

There are several different style of security doors that will best suit your home and they needn’t look unattractive or unwelcoming.

  • Invisi Gard Doors – Stainless steel mesh which gives you unrestricted view with the strength of stainless steel. All doors come with 3 hinges and triple lock for extra security.
  • X-Gard Doors – Pressed Aluminum which allows for privacy and view. With slanted holes for light assisted view. You can see who is at your door while they can’t see you.
  • Alugard Doors – Pressed Aluminum flat sheet with holes and no restriction of view.
  • Standard Security Door – Tested to Australian standards with 68 grille with 7mm thick aluminum this is the entry level door which will give you security and can be upgraded to stronger mesh.
  • Cast Grill- Are poured into a mold and can be of different shapes and styles. The have a large range of style which can suit traditional to contemporary homes.


  • Standard Mesh (wire) is fiberglass and gives protection from flys and mossies
  • Tuff Mesh is a woven aluminum mesh which is strong and durable.
  • RVM (restricted vision mesh) is a aluminum sheet with slated holes for restricted vison as you can see out but the visitor can’t see in.


  • Standards Austral single lock with snip
  • Triple lock one handle with three toughs for extra security
  • Sliding doors have slim lock with snip

Standard fitting is this 3 hinges and single lock and fiberglass mesh but all doors can be upgraded for extra security

The right choice for you

Generally, people tend to keep the blinds that they install for a minimum of five to ten years. It’s therefore worth considering whether you’re able to invest that little bit more money into buying something you’ll really love.

It’s worth bearing in mind the climate in South Australia and appreciating the intense sunlight and harsh glare that comes through your windows and doors for much of the year. Blinds can help to control and regulate this, potentially saving you money long term – both in energy costs and by preventing sun staining to furnishings and interiors.

Always think about what’s right for you and your situation. Design and style should always be taken into consideration, alongside what requirements you and your family have on a functional, practical level.

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