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Bob Burns Blinds commercial services offer dedicated support to the construction, hotel and the healthcare sectors. From initial design advice through to effective supply and installation of commercial blinds, our expert team are able to provide a holistic service.

With a track record working with developers, builders, architects and interior designers throughout Australia, Bob Burns Blinds is the answer to your project’s window covering requirements around Adelaide and South Australia.

Bob Burns Blinds are highly experienced in a wide range of commercial applications ranging from:

  • Restaurants and café’s
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Real Estate staging
  • Real Estate rental properties
  • Multi storey office complexes
  • New home builders
  • Small business
  • Retirement villages
  • Off the plan quote specialists
  • Office builds

Our commercial blinds are known for their motorisation capabilities, and we also develop detailed wiring plans offsite, and then work through to on-site co-ordination between the electrical contractors and building management system programmers.

With our ability to buy in volume, we are able to provide value for money and on time delivery for all leading window covering vendors. Call now to discuss your commercial project plans.

We offer a wide range of commercial window solutions including:

Inflector Solar Shades

Inflector is a unique product that has been in the market for 25 years. Developed as part of the space shuttle program by NASA for space suits, it is now a go to product globally for window insulation and improving building performance.

The Inflector panels are uniquely engineered, solar filtering, reflective thermal shades that aids in stabilizing indoor temperature allowing natural light in and reflecting back solar heat and UV rays overall providing a safer, comfortable environment along with lower energy bills.

Glass is the weak point in much of a building envelope.

The Inflector panels have reduced energy costs by up to 50% by addressing the least efficient aspect of our homes and building, the windows. See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator Technology alleviates thermal discomfort by reducing heat gain and lowers cooling and electric lighting costs.

Inflector technology is the only single application solution that attenuates all 4 methods of heat transfer or energy loss through glass without obstructing natural light or views to the outside.

Reducing the cooling loads lessens the amount of air pollutants entering the conditioned space through the cooling systems, improving the indoor air quality, reducing building related illnesses such as the Sick Building Syndrome, and increasing productivity – making it the perfect solution for your office space.

Retrofitting Inflector will reduce a minimum of 80% solar heat gain & block out up to 92% of harmful UV radiation and solar glare, whilst improving thermal comfort.

There are several available installation applications for Inflector:

  • Fixed Panels
  • Holland Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

Contact us today for a custom solution for your home or business.

Filigree Linings

Ultraviolent light is a major factor in degradation of materials stored in the home or office.

All our coated linings rate 50+, the highest rating possible as tested by the Australian and New Zealand UPF regulatory authority, ARPANSA.

Filigree Linings have been designed to protect the contents of your home from UPF damages.

Blockout coating is usually 2 pass – a layer of black (titanium) and a layer of white. It can also be 3 pass – a layer of white is added prior (white-black-white).

Our 4 pass fabrics (Sunliner, Sunliner FR, Thermoguard, and Thermoguard FR) have been technically engineered to give ultimate insulation and protection with 2 layers of titanium. Reducing pinholes, yet still providing a highly desirable soft drape.

Benefits of Filigree Linings include:

  • Keeping the sun’s rays where they belong – outside
  • Increase the warmth in your home or office during winter and keep it cool in summer
  • Control the daylight in your home or office
  • Noise absorbing creates a peaceful environment
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • 3 year warranty

Speak to our team today about the many benefits of our energy efficient linings and tailor a solution for your home or office space.


Enviroshade is a Trevira* (PVC free) window shading fabric allowing natural control of light, heat and glare, with a view.

Meticulously tested to meet international standards for green and fire retardant fabrics, Enviroshade is energy efficient and cuts down on greenhouse emissions. This European designed and manufactured range performs beautifully in both home and office spaces and is guaranteed for 5 years. Enviroshade is available in metallised, non metallised and blockout options.

*Trevira textiles are made from fibres and yarns that bear the trademark Trevira CS and are permanently flame retardant.

Features and benefits:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Eco friendly
  • Flame retardant
  • Light filtering
  • PVC free

Contact us today to discuss the requirements for your space, and how Envirshade can improve the energy efficiency of you home or office space. Available for panel or roller blinds.


Manufactured with Trevira CS yarn (PVC free), Enviroblock is the 100% blockout version of popular Enviroshade. The fabric is inherently flame retardant and designed to meet the highest standards in light control, glare reduction, protection from UV rays as well as maintaining an energy efficient environment.

Enviroblock is colour back coated to match the fabric face so when partnered with light filtering Enviroshade, they provide a seamless colour solution both inside and out.

Features and benefits:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Blockout
  • Eco friendly
  • Flame retardant
  • PVC free

Common applications for the Enviroblack product include panel and roller blinds, making them a fantastic solution for media or meeting rooms within your office space or rooms that have windows receiving direct sunlight.

Learn more about the full range by visiting our showroom or calling us on (08) 8374 2999.

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