Care and Cleaning

By using the correct cleaning and maintenance techniques you will protect your investment and have great-looking blinds for many years to come. Different techniques apply for interior and exterior blinds. Click here for interior blinds, or click here for exterior blinds.

Warranty Issues

Your blinds, awnings or shutters are covered by our solid 18 month warranty. If there are any problems with your purchase we will make it a priority to fix them within 7 days. If something needs to be remade and we cannot do so within 7 days we will give you an estimated time to fix the issue. Whilst some things are out of our control, our priority is to get the issue fixed within the quickest time frame and the least amount of disruption to you.  We will endeavour to keep you informed at all times.
The warranty covers any defects in materials, measurement issues or workmanship for the period stated in the warranty. The warranty does not cover changing your mind about the product or colour choices. The warranty does not cover defect in your window frames or plastering that are not visible at time of measurement.
Bob Burns Blinds endeavours to source only good quality products and provide great service for our clients. Occasionally issues happen with products. These can be issues form wrong measuring to faulty fabric and mechanisms, to manufacturing and installation., Unfortunately this is the nature of a custom made product and human error. Our goal at Bob Burns Blinds is to fix the issue as soon as humanly possible and with the least amount of inconvenience to you.
Bob Burns Blinds does not accept verbal or physical abuse from clients to our staff or contractors during the warranty process sand this will voice the company warranty under these circumstances.
The warranty also includes fault of fabric and mechanisms due to normal use in and for the purpose intended for the product.
Bob Burns Blinds reserves the right to fix or replace any blinds or awnings under warranty before offering a refund.

Extended Warranty
Many of our suppliers offer extended warranties on their products. This warranty covers the product only, not Bob Burns Blinds time for servicing or fitting. If a manufacture for fabric, material or componentary has stated a longer warranty than Bob Burns Blinds standard 18 months we will source the goods under their warranty for the client. However, Bob Burns Blinds time must be charged to cover any labour cost, transportation costs and any manufacturing costs. This may include but is not limited to installation.

Out of Warranty and Repairs
If the goods are out of warranty a service call fee is applicable for a representative to visit the premises. This is a minimum of $85. The goods will be serviced onsite if possible. The service call fee is payable, regardless of the time it has taken to fix the issue or if the issue can’t be fixed.  The service call fee is to cover the Representative or Contracts time and travel expenses. If the goods need to be removed and returned to the factory to be repaired we will endeavour to do so with the least amount fo disruption to the client. If there will be any other cost involved, we will inform the client and get their approval before we proceed.  We will inform the client of time frames and expectations at the time. The warranty on Repairs is 30 days but only for the original repair.


Not Covered by Warranty

  • Fair Ware and tear
  • Misuse of the product
  • Damage resulting from accident, children, pets, or tenants.
  • Excessive Storm Damage
  • Clients change of mind regarding the product
  • Water damaged form leaving windows open
  • Clients expectations of product that are not what the product is designed to do
  • Leaving  Awnings out in excess winds and storms

In the information outlined in Guides to Standards and Tolerances available through Department of Fair Trading it mentions that slight variations in the colour and finish of materials do not always constitute a defect. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure you are completely happy with your product sometimes lighting can affect the way a product appears. I fan issue cannot be seen from a distance of 1.5mt or greater in no-critical light we may deem it not a defect.  Please speak to management do discuss options and resolutions.