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Warranty Information

The information below is not substitute for legal advice. Businesses are bound by legislation such as Australian Consumer Law and Australian Standards such as AS2663.2-1999, Textiles – Fabrics for window furnishings – Coated curtain fabrics.

Your blinds, awnings or shutters are covered by our 18-month warranty.  The warranty covers any defects in materials, measurements issues or workmanship for this period and we will replace the defective part at our cost including labour in the 1st year.  After the first year a labour charge will apply.

The warranty also includes fault of fabric and mechanisms due to normal use in and for the purpose intended for the product.  Minor colour variations may occur between any colour swatch supplied and the order received, as the colour swatch is a guide only, this includes paint, stain and lacquers.

Bob Burns Blinds reserves the right to fix or replace any blinds or awnings under warranty before offering a refund.


Manufactured by Bob Burns Blinds & Inspire

All goods manufactured in our factory are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for 18 months

(Except where they are outside forces e.g. wind, or excessive wear and tear).

The following information is the warranty for components and goods made outside of our factory.


Grills- Colonial Castings          1 Year Warranty

Aluminium Specialties

Invisigard 15 Year Warranty (on stainless steel)
Aussie Shield 7 years Warranty
Austral Locks 5 years Warranty
Whitco Locks 10 years Warranty
Door Closers 1 years Warranty
Restricted Vision Mesh           1 years Warranty

Roller Shutters

Profile 5 years Warranty
Body & Guides 2 years Warranty
Somfy Motor 5 years Warranty
T20 Motor 2 years Warranty on switches
                                                                           1 years Warranty on motors
ODS (Oz Roll Drive System)    12 mths Warranty on Control/6mths on Battery

Outdoor Awnings

Zip Tracks 2 Year Warranty
Zip Screens 18mths Warranty
Folding Arm Awnings 1 Year Warranty
Café Blinds 2 Year Warranty

Interior Blinds

Roller Installation 18mths Warranty
Fabric – Shaw 5 years Warranty
Fabric – Wilson 1 years Warranty
Roman Installation 18mths Warranty
Fabric – Shaw 5 years Warranty
Fabric – Wilson 1 year
Verticals Installation 18mths Warranty
Fabric – Shaw 5 years Warranty
Fabric – Wilson 1 year
Panel Glides 1 Year Warranty
Fabric – Shaw 5 year Warranty
Fabric – Wilson 1 year
Cellular 1 Year Warranty
Slimline 1 Year Warranty
Micro Aluminium Venetians 1 Year Warranty
50mm Aluminium Venetians 1 Year Warranty
Visionwood Venetians 1 Year Warranty
Vision 1 Year Warranty
Curtains 2 Year Warranty

Plantation Shutters

Ultra 20 Paint & construction 20 Year Warranty
Basswood Painted Paint & construction 5 Year Warranty
Basswood Stained Paint 3 years Warranty & Construction 5 year Warranty
Thermo 25 10 years construction and material


Please note

Parts related to the above products like – cords, chains, cord locks, tilters and zips endure wear and tear over time or excessive use, these items carry a 18 month warranty

Not Covered by Warranty

  • Wear and tear consistent with the type of product and age
  • Mis-use of the product
  • Damage resulting from accident, children, pets, tenants, fire and any act of nature or not following our product information care form
  • Clients change of mind
  • Water damage from leaving windows open
  • Damaged cause by folding up blinds and awning when wet
  • Clients expectation of product that are not what the product is designed to do
  • Leaving awnings out in excessive winds and storms
  • Products that have not been installed by Bob Burn Blinds or have been removed and re-installed

Extended Warranty

Many of our suppliers offer extended warranties on their products. This warranty covers the product only, not Bob Burns Blinds time for servicing or fitting. If a manufacture for fabric, material or componentry has stated a longer warranty than Bob Burns Blinds & Inspire standard 18 months we will source the goods under their warranty for the client.

However, Bob Burns Blinds time must be charged to cover any labour cost, transportation costs and any manufacturing costs. This may include but is not limited to installation.

Out of Warranty and Repairs

If the goods are out of warranty a service call fee is applicable for a representative to visit the premises. This is a minimum of $85. The goods will be serviced onsite if possible. The service call fee is payable, regardless of the time it has taken to fix the issue or if the issue can’t be fixed.

The service call fee is to cover the Representative or Contracts time and travel expenses. If the goods need to be removed and returned to the factory to be repaired, we will endeavour to do so with the least amount of disruption to the client. If there will be any other cost involved, we will inform the client and get their approval before we proceed.

We will inform the client of time frames and expectations at the time. The warranty on Repairs is 30 days but only for the original repair.